picto plus How do you care for stainless steel jewellery?

Soapy water / Baking soda / White vinegar. Regular cleaning can be done by soaking the jewellery in hot soapy water , rinsing with clean water and then drying with a soft dry cloth. For a more intense cleaning, baking soda may be necessary. Make a paste by mixing the bicarbonate with a little cold water, and rub your jewellery with a small b . . .

picto plus Can allergies be reported with stainless steel jewellery?

If you have sensitive skin that reacts to metals such as silver or gold, stainless steel is as safe for you as surgical steel. The absence of nickel and its specific composition does not cause any skin reaction in the vast majority of cases.

picto plus How is the colour of stainless steel obtained?

A specific surface treatment, anodising, allows the jewellery to be tinted (golden, pink) while reinforcing it by applying a very thin protective layer.

picto plus Why buy stainless steel jewellery?

Stainless steel has many undeniable advantages: it does not rust or tarnish it is non-allergenic it is very easy to maintain it is as bright as silver, gold or rose gold it is accessible because it is cheap

picto plus What is the difference between stainless steel and surgical steel?

None, it is the same manufacturing process, the same material.

picto plus Why is stainless steel so cheap?

It is an alloy made from common, non-precious materials, which explains the affordable prices.

picto plus Does stainless steel jewellery rust?

No, stainless steel does not rust because of the protective layer of chromium oxide obtained by alloying iron with chromium. This protective layer makes the stainless steel impervious to all intrusions that cause oxidation.

picto plus Is stainless steel environmentally friendly?

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. In fact, more than 50% of new stainless steel is made from remelted scrap metal. In addition, the energy consumption associated with stainless steel production has decreased significantly due to technological improvements and energy saving measures in the industry.